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You Bet Your Ass: Week 6

With conference play in full swing, comebacks become harder to grasp.

Last week saw quite a few of our gamblers having big weeks, as only three people did not record positive gains. It also saw Brandon Cain's smallest leap forward to date, only making a mere $50 (or as I like to call it "Matt's Bankroll"). Conference play is officially in full swing and holy shit are there a lot of teams not playing this week. We only have six games to bet on, which will become somewhat more common of an occurrence as the season plays out. How will this change our gamblers' strategies? Will someone finally dethrone Cain? Will Collin Whitchurch and Aaron Rench ever climb out of the abyss? WHO KNOWS!

Purdue vs Illinois (-10.5), O/U: 58

Primiano: $50 on Illinois -10.5

Cain: $100 on Illinois -10.5

Vainisi: $25 on Illinois -10.5

Silich: $50 on Under 58

Vallese: $25 on Illinois -10.5

Darin: $50 on Illinois -10.5

Rench: $25 on Over 58

Smith: $50 on Illinois -10.5

Whitchurch: $25 on Under 58

Primiano: Abandon all hope ye who watch this abomination.

Vallese: Lose this one and you’ll never hear the end of it, Timmy.

Ohio State (-10) vs Maryland

Primiano: $25 on Ohio State -10

Cain: $50 on Ohio State -10

Vainisi: $50 on Ohios State -10

Silich: $100 on Maryland +10

Vallese: $25 On Maryland +10

Darin: $25 on Maryland +10

Rench: $50 on Maryland +10

Smith: $25 on Maryland +10

Whitchurch: $100 on Ohio State -10

Cain: Ohio State holds down Maryland's offense and win this.

Silich: The Terps are unarguably at least the third best team in in the East division, and should prove this Saturday that they can hang with the supposed second-best.

North Texas vs Indiana (-13.5), O/U: 61.5

Primiano: $100 on Indiana -13.5

Cain: $25 on Indiana -13.5

Vainisi: $100 on Over 61.5

Silich: $25 on Indiana -13.5

Vallese: $25 on Indiana -13.5

Darin: $25 on Over 61.5

Rench: $100 on Over 61.5

Smith: $50 on Over 61.5

Whitchurch: $50 on North Texas +13.5

Vallese: The North Texas Mean Greens. No seriously, that’s their name. They may be mean and/or green, but they won’t cover against the Hoosiers.

Smith: My computer is set where whenever Indiana’s name pops up on YBYA it automatically types over.

Wisconsin (-9.5) vs Northwestern, O/U: 48.5

Primiano: $25 on Wisconsin -9.5

Cain: $50 on Over 48.5

Vainisi: $25 on Northwestern +9.5

Silich: $25 on Under 48.5

Vallese: $100 on Wisconsin -9.5

Darin: $50 on Wisconsin -9.5

Rench: $50 on Wisconsin -9.5

Smith: $50 on Wisconsin -9.5

Whitchurch: $100 on Wisconsin -9.5

Darin: If I wasn't going to our game Saturday, I thought it may have been fun to go see this beatdown in person - then I remembered that Dyche Stadium is a toilet (I'll always call it Dyche Stadium - if you give your stadium a stupid name you're stuck with it forever).

Silich: I don't know much, but I do know that I'm going to take the under on every single Northwestern game until they prove I should do otherwise.

Michigan vs Rutgers (-3.5), O/U: 47

Primiano: $50 on Rutgers -3.5

Cain: $50 on Rutgers -3.5

Vainisi: $25 on Michigan +3.5

Silich: $50 on Under 47

Vallese: $50 on Over 47

Darin: $100 on Rutgers -3.5

Rench: $25 on Under 47

Smith: $100 on Rutgers -3.5

Whitchurch: $50 on Michigan +3.5

Darin: The disgraced athletic department bowl, round 2! (Penn St/Michigan in round 3 next week)

Rench: These teams are on two seemingly different paths: Rutgers rising from the bottom, Michigan falling from the heights. What kind of noise do they make when they collide this weekend?

Nebraska vs MSU (-8), O/U: 58

Primiano: $25 on MSU -8

Cain: $50 on Under 58

Vainisi: $25 on Under 58

Silich: $50 on Nebraska +8

Vallese: $25 on Under 58

Darin: $25 on Nebraska +8

Rench: $50 on MSU -8

Smith: $25 on MSU -8

Whitchurch: $25 on Over 58

Smith: Shallique Calhoun will pick up Kenny Bell and throw him to the ground so hard his afro will fall off.

Whitchurch: I think Nebraska's offense is good enough to score on Michigan State's defense and Michigan State's offense is good enough to score on Nebraska's defense. Does that make sense?

Money On The Line This Week:

Primiano: $275

Cain: $325

Vainisi: $250

Silich: $300

Vallese: $250

Darin: $275

Rench: $300

Smith: $300

Whitchurch: $350

Season Earnings (Bankroll):

1. Cain: $400 (Last week: +$50)

2. Vallese: $100 (Last week: +$125)

3. Primiano: $75 (Last week: +$150)

4. Silich: $50 (Last week: +$150)

5. Smith: $25 (Last week: +$0)

6. Darin: $0 (Last week: -$50)

7. Vainisi: -$175 (Last week: -$200)

8. Rench: -$225 (Last week: +$100)

9. Whitchurch: -$300 (Last week: +$25)

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