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TCR Football GIF Tournament: West Semifinal, Game 1

West Bracket Semifinal

My goodness, this GIF tournament has been quite exciting and we've only had one Round of it!  For those of you who voted in Round 1, we thank you for your contribution to our First Annual Tournament.  And for the rest of you who gave a passing glance, VOTE!!!

This isn't a presidential election here people, this is a GIF tournament.  Your job is really quite simple...all you have to do is decide which of the two GIFs you like more, and then click your mouse twice.  And mobile users don't need to panic either, cause it involves a simple few swipes and pokes of your phone's screen and wallah!

Still don't believe me that your vote doesn't count?  Let's see what happened last round...

1) ZZZZIPPPPP and WHOOOOOOP!!! - 80 votes to 24 votes over 8) Spin O' Rama (right a blowout, but it's 1 vs 8 no surprise there)

4) AB Takes Over - 49 votes vs

5) But First... - 50 votes.

One vote.  One vote made the difference.

SO!  Thank you for making round one very exciting yesterday, and please continue to vote for your favorite GIFs.


Round 2 Game 1



5) But First...

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