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TCR Football GIF Tournament: Round 1, Game 3

West Bracket Opening Round

Bryce Smith

While the bye week is a time for the players and coaches to rest and regroup during the season, we here at TCR wanted to keep ourselves hungry for Illinois Football.  So, we decided to throw ourselves a GIF tournament to see what Illini Nation's favorite moments of the season are (so far).


-16 total GIFs have been compiled and ranked
-GIFs are collected from games played against Youngstown St to Wisconsin
-The tournament will be divided into both bye weeks
-Voting for each matchup will close at 10pm the day it is posted.
-The First round will be Tuesday (10/14), the Second Round on Wednesday (10/15), and the Third Round will be on Thursday (10/16).  On Friday (10/17), we will announce the first half winner and preview the second half of the bracket.

Tell us why you chose the GIF you chose in the comments of each matchup, and be sure to vote for every round!

Round 1 Game 3:

3) Lunt-Ferg-Lunt-Mikey


6) Dudek snags a beaut