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Morning Brew, 1/09: Bo Ryan Is Bringing Us Down, As Is Northwestern

Forget coffee, just drink bourbon. Bo Ryan left us with a few bruises, and you're going to want to numb that pain.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Morning Ditty

Bo Ryan, You're Bringing Us Down.


Yep, there you are.

The Brew Thinks There Might Be Some Oversights, Sports Illustrated

Forget freshmen, transfers are the new prized recruits in college hoops -

- Pete Thamel of Sports Illlustrated wrote a very interesting piece on the new, effective transfer culture in college basketball. And despite all the accounts and examples, he overlooked Missouri's Jordan Clarkson (transfer from Tulsa) and our very own man-child, Rayvonte Rice, both of whom could finish the year leading their conference in scoring. The Clarkson-Rice showdown in St. Louis for the Braggin' Rights contest will be the best story no one talks about, ever, but that was one hell of a game, and these are two fine ball players. Thamel's oversight isn't rare, but it's wrong. Give the kids their due.

Regardless, the piece is worth a read.

College basketball's best states: Ranking all of America - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News

- Sporting News ranked the top 25 states according to their college basketball teams, and friggen' Northwestern is tanking this state for us. Go check out the list and gawk angrily at how low Illinois is. It's not our fault, I'll tell you that. It's those troubled youths up in Evanston, ruining the fun for the rest of us.