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What The Hell Is Louisville Thinking?

Seriously. You're better than this.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

When Bobby Petrino was fired from Arkansas and ultimately exiled to Western Kentucky, we all knew it was only a matter of time before he found his way back to a team in one of the power conferences. He's just as good at coaching as he is scummy and in college football, winning means more than anything else.

But did anyone actually think the first school to bring him back into the fold would be Louisville? The school he burned multiple times before ultimately running off to the Atlanta Falcons before bailing on them for Arkansas. And we all remember how that ended.

So really, my main question about all this is what the hell are you thinking, Louisville? When most people burn themselves on the stove, they learn a valuable lesson. The Cardinals however have decided to embrace the pain and just keep splashing more boiling water everywhere, especially on their faces and genitals. You know it's a bad idea, but bam, right back to the genitals.

I mean, the closest Illini equivalent to this would be if Bill Self decided he was tired of hanging out on Mass Street in Lawrence and moved back to Champaign. But even then, the analogy is flawed. While a large part of the fan base still hates Self, I can at least understand his departure and sympathize with it. His dream job opened up, so he took it. Petrino never even unpacked his bags when he first moved to Louisville. Do they really think things will be different this time? Charlie Strong was a great hire, both from coaching and integrity standpoints. They easily could have hired Pat Narduzzi or Derek Mason. But I guess they just never got over Petrino the last time he dumped them. Have fun with that, Cards fans. I'm sure it'll end well.

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