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Morning Brew, 1/07: It's Basketball Season, Fellas

The Brew would like to cure that BCS hangover with an everyday dose of hoops.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Good morning, y'all.

Morning Ditty

I'd call last night's BCS Championship game the best I've ever seen. Disagree and point to Texas-USC if you like, but what matters is this: Auburn-FSU will go down as both a classic and the perfect way to send the BCS out. If you have a good finale, people tend to forget the awful riff-raff that came before. And the 2014 BCS Bowls were excellent.

Alas, now they're gone, out the door with the system and the season alike. There will be no more college football for awhile. There will be no more BCS ever. There will only be college basketball, and for that, Creighton's Doug McDermott celebrates.

Right on, Doug.

Damned If It Comes From A Hoosier, It's Funny

Are You Strong Enough To Be An Indiana Football Fan? | Rumors and Rants

By now, I'm sure many of you have read the Alabama's fan hot take on what it's like to root for the Crimson Tide. It's about as tough as having just too much money, that poor girl. Read it here if you haven't seen it yet.

An Indiana Hoosiers football fan had a response of his own. Many of his points hold true for Illini fans too, of course, but the laughs make up for the pain. It's the perfect satirical response--self deprecating while highlighting every absurdity the original Alabama piece contained. A well-deserved hat tip to you, Hoosier sir.

Video: Auburn Tigers' Jay Prosch's inspiration - ESPN

ESPN aired a touching and emotional piece on former Illini fullback Jay Prosch, who transferred to Auburn following the 2011 season to be closer to his ailing mother. Don't be afraid to cry while watching the video because this man, his mother, and this story are worth all of your emotions. We were pulling for you last night, Jay.

Bardo: Illini on upward swing in Power Rankings " Big Ten Network

Former Illini Stephen Bardo ranks the Illini 4th in his Big Ten Power Rankings, unsurprisingly behind Ohio St., Wisconsin, and Michigan St. Surprising to some, however, is Illinois topping Iowa on the list, who ranks ahead of the Illini in the AP Top 25. They'll settle it on the hardwood soon enough (Feb. 1).

Here's Bardo's snippet on the Illini.

High intensity overtime win over Hoosiers and staunch defensive effort against Penn State has the Illini on the upward swing. This is a tough, understated team that continues to impress.

Florida State leads the 2014 way too early top 25 rankings - ESPN

A "way too early" college football top 25, and the Illini get an "also ran." Haters. Timmy Becks will kick some ass and make it a point to show you just exactly what "also ran" means. It means kicking your ass.

Enjoy the aftermath through the eyes of victory and defeat.

Florida State's SB site: Tomahawk Nation

Auburn's SB site: College and Magnolia