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Video: Flyin' Illni Halftime Reunion

BTN didn't televise the Flyin' Illini reunion ceremony. So if you missed it, enjoy it here.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten Network decided to show commercials instead of the Flyin' Illini's 25-year reunion, depriving Illini fans at home of this fantastic ceremony. Here's the video for all who missed it.

The player introductions and subsequent ovations makes you proud to be an Illini fan. The 90-second intro video makes you happy to be alive. Has the country seen a team as dunk-focused and athletic in the 25 years since?

Moments like these are special to everyone associated with the University, meaning as much to the fans as it does to the players, so it's okay to be somewhat sappy. It's nostaliga, and these memories are wonderful. Next year, we'll get another memorable taste of the past when the 2004-05 Illinois turn 10 years old.

In both the past and the future, this basketball program has plenty to be excited about. Fans, enjoy. And members of the 1988-89 Fighting Illini, thank you.