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Game Thread: Illinois vs. Penn State

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I attended the 2010-11 Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis. Our car broke down on the way, forcing us to watch the Illinois game from the personal office of a Comcast worker in the middle-of-nowhere Indiana, where the tow truck dropped us off. The cable lady was kind enough to let us watch her 20-inch Zenith, after the two other businesses in town told us to hit the road. Illinois lost to Michigan, and we were stranded for hours in a town that had a sewage facility, a Walgreens, a McDonalds, and nothing else. My clothes smelled of tow truck dust and defeat.

The trip wasn't a bust though, for if nothing else, when we finally got to Indy, I got to see Talor Battle light up the tourney. He carried Nittany to the finals, then damn near beat Jared Sullinger and Ohio State when he got there. He shot from all over the floor, and he hit him all. It was fantastic.

Since then, I haven't enjoyed a Big Ten (non-Illini) player as much as I enjoyed Battle. And since he graduated, I haven't much cared for Penn State, so let's drub them today.

This whole story may become a full post one day--it's more than worthy. But for now, let's wait on it. I don't want to dedicate a post to a Penn State player until after the game.