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New Rec Comment Colors!

Pictured: Ray Rice is as excited for orange and blue comments as you are.

Ethan Miller

Are you prepared for what will widely be considered the greatest technological advancement of our time? Is your body fully and entirely ready for the experience of a lifetime? Do you dislike hard-shell tacos and the color green?! THEN BEHOLD:


The Champaign Room now comes complete with blue comments! Plus, look at the little thumbs-up! It's orange! How cute.

As this is quite clearly the most magnificent and astonishing news you've had the privilege of reading about today, we strongly, strongly encourage you to post whatever comment comes to mind. If you comment it, we'll rec it and have a little blue party to kick off this new era of Illini blogging. GIFs are not required, but are always a welcome addition to the comment section (If I may make a suggestion...).

As always, GO ILLINI! (P.S: Go comment. Seriously, it's free recs. Who doesn't love free recs?)