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Tracking the Coolest Illini in the Universe: Astronaut Mike Hopkins

Astronaut Mike Hopkins Had A Beautiful, Wondrous January

Mike Hopkins on a Dec. 24 space walk
Mike Hopkins on a Dec. 24 space walk

University of Illinois alum, 1991 Illini football team captain, and NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins launched into outer space in September of 2013, and headed to the International Space Station as a part of Expedition 37/38. He won't return to Earth until March 2014.

Thankfully, Hopkins brought his camera aboard with him, and he keeps his Twitter account (@AstroIllini) fresh with new images. Below are his Tweets and accompanying images from the month of January.

Thanks for the mementos, Mike. Even the hardest hearts can find a tender spot for beautiful images like these. You're the coolest Illini in the universe.