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In Defense Of Seven Nation Army

It's neither the singer nor the songs' faults that no one can stand the White Stripes' hit single from 2003.


Since you're already here, odds are you've seen the wonderful video of an insane/inebriated/alluring Alabama fan who lost her shit and attacked an entire band of land thieves last night at the Sugar Bowl. And it is fantastic. Go watch it again, I can wait and won't be offended. But one thing did bother me: the loathing of "Seven Nation Army".

"Seven Nation Army" is a legitimately good song. It's subdued and energetic and methodical all in the span of of 3:52. Maybe I'm just overly attached to the song because it came out towards the end of my freshman swim season and I have fond memories of listening to it on the way home from Lockport, itchy and reeking of chlorine.

No, the song is a good song. People don't hate it because it's poorly written or ultimately annoying on its own merit. The problem is every damned school band and sporting stadium constantly blare it. Remember that period of your life when you actually got sick of hearing "Hey Ya"? That song is magical and there were multiple months of your life that you could no longer stand to hear it.

Go listen to "Seven Nation Army" on its own. The original version. No marching band, no roaring fan base. Just Jack and Meg White. And then realize the only way the song will ever be truly saved again is if it's allowed to slide back into the shadows for a while. If sporting events stopped using it for even just a year, people would stop hating it. But they won't, so people won't, and we'll all be stuck in misery until the next song takes its place. And I'm going to be so damn mad at you all when "Sail" is that song.

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