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John Groce Remembers, Loves Flyin' Illini

John Groce took an opportunity during his Penn State pregame presser to send kind words towards the 1988-89 Flyin' Illini.


John Groce began his coaching career in Indiana, funneled towards Ohio, and arrived in the Land on Lincoln only last season. Still, he's got some wonderful Illini memories in that bald dome.

Illinois' matchup with Penn St. on Saturday has been scheduled as the official Flyin' Illni 25th Anniversary celebration, and during the pregame press conference, Coach Groce praised and remembered the team.

The University posted a wonderful piece on the 1988-89 team this week (read it here). It's exciting to remember their excitement, or at least what I hear of it (I wasn't born). It's even more exciting to have the current coach embrace that history.

When asked about Saturday's ceremonies and their effect on Saturday's game, Groce answered in the coolest way possible.

Everytime I sit down to write a word about John Groce, it comes out like a love letter. Because it is. He's a treasure.

Coach was also asked about the moment shown in gif form below.


Watch the entire press conference below.