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Morning News and Brews: NCAA To Eliminate Transfer Rule?

Whether its beer or coffee, just drink it, it'll wake you up.

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Good morning, y'all. Wake yourself up with a morning diddy and little bit of news.



- Division I Leadership Council Considering Transfer Waiver Changes

Illinois hoops has taken advantage of the graduate student transfer rule each of the past three seasons, bringing in Sam Maniscalco, Sam McLaurin and, this year, Jon Ekey. They've also been on the other side of the loop holes, most notably this season with Ahmad Starks, who transferred to Illinois in order to be closer to his ailing grandmother but was not granted the waiver. The distinctions between what deserves a waiver and what does not is so absurdly blurry, that now the NCAA might just blow the whole damn thing up. Here's the proposed changes, discussed at a meeting in October:

At that October meeting, the Leadership Council directed the subcommittee to focus on two concepts:

To require all student-athletes in FBS football, basketball, baseball, and men's ice hockey to sit out for one year following a transfer, eliminating the opportunity to earn immediately eligibility through the waiver process.
To require graduate transfers in FBS football, basketball, baseball, and men's ice hockey to sit out for one year following a transfer, potentially eliminating both the graduate transfer waiver and graduate transfer exception.

There is also a proposal that would force graduate transfers to engage in a more rigorous academic schedule. I think Sam McLaurin enrolled in one online class last season, but he grabbed rebounds and I'm not a Dean, so what's it to me.


- FIGHTINGILLINI.COM - 25th Anniversary of the Flyin' Illini

Just a wonderful post on the 1988-89 Flyin' Illini season. Enjoy.

- Are the Illini an NCAA tourney team? |

The Champaign News-Gazette gathers the opinion of national college hoops analysts and asks the hard-hitting question: Will the Illini make the tournament? They all give the same beat-around answer: "They might?"


- Black Shoe Diaries, a Penn State Nittany Lions community

Not a whole lot of Nittany Lion basketball talk over at the Black Shoe Diaries. They're all worried about football.