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The Wrong Way To Handle Not Getting A Snow Day

I'm not blaming the entire university, but there are a lot of you who need to get your shit together.


It's very cold out today. Not so much where I am (thought it's only somewhat warmer), but for those of you down in Champaign-Urbana it is considerably chillier than most would like. No one enjoys sub-arctic wind chills. But here's the thing: YOU ARE COLLEGE STUDENTS. YOU ARE LEGAL ADULTS.

While I'm not straight up encouraging you to ditch classes, if you don't want to go out into the polar vortex, no one was making you. Your professors would likely be sympathetic if you acted maturely. This is the time you start becoming their colleagues and not just their pupils.

Instead, an unfortunately large group of students decided to get hateful. And there really is no excuse for that. Do I agree with all of Chancellor Wise's decisions and policies? No. No I do not. Granted I no longer live in town or attend the university, so they can't really affect me, but still. Just because she didn't officially close down the campus for the day is no reason to launch that much hate speech over the internet. What is wrong with you? It's a goddamn snow day.

The chancellor when I was in school was a legitimate dirtbag. Do you remember the clout scandal? Chancellor Wise will always be unpopular with the vocal and ardent Chief supporters, which puts her in an awkward spot no matter what stance she takes on anything else. I wish that didn't have anything to do with the backlash she received for not cancelling school, but it did and it does for any backlash she winds up receiving over any decision.

Is it cold out? Yes.

Should school probably have been cancelled because of it? Yes.

Should the student body maybe have handled this better and not acted like a bunch of spoiled north suburb assholes? Yes.

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