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Morning Brew, 1/22: Fill Out A Perfect Bracket, Get $1 Billion

Warm up with a cup of brackets and Kendrick Nunn.

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor
Good morning, folks. Tap your foot.


- $1 billion offered for perfect tournament bracket - ESPN
Friggin' a billion dollars. Quicken Loans is sponsoring the contest that offers 40 annual payments of $25 million for correctly filling out every slot on the 2014 NCAA Tournament bracket. As noted in the ESPN article, the odds are slightly stacked against you, as there are more than 9 quintillion possible bracket combinations. Still, it's a billion dollars. Give it a go.

- Kendrick Nunn - A Work in Progress - YouTube
Here's a video courtesy of Rob McColley. Through clips of game highlights, John Groce's press conferences, and personal interviews with both Kendrick Nunn and his dad, McColley chronicles the first few months of the Illini's most promising freshman. It's not overly sensational. It just shows what happened. I greatly enjoyed it.

- Senior Bowl 2014 -
Illinois LB Jonathan Brown will play in the Senior Bowl on Saturday. If you're looking for more info on the game, the scouting, and the participants, here's SB Nation's Senior Bowl hub. You'll get what you need.


Northwestern won again. They beat Purdue and now sit above Illinois, Ohio St. and Indiana in the Big Ten standings. I just...I can't...are they good? No, they aren't good. They can't be. They just--they cannot be better than Illinois. Please, no, they cannot be better.