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Morning Brew, 1/20: NCAA Says, "Maybe Later." On Transfer Waiver Restrictions

The NCAA thought about immediate changes to the transfer/waiver system currently in place, but now won't commit to any proposals.

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Good Morning

Some positive vibes this morning, ya know? I think I'm hypnotized after watching that video, though.

Monday Brew

- NCAA holds off on athlete transfer rule changes

The NCAA nearly adopted a proposal that would effectively end all transfer waivers, regardless of transfer reason. When the news first broke on this potential adoption, here's what I wrote:

Illinois hoops has taken advantage of the graduate student transfer rule each of the past three seasons...They've also been on the other side of the loop holes, most notably this season with Ahmad Starks, who transferred to Illinois in order to be closer to his ailing grandmother but was not granted the waiver.

The distinctions between what deserves a waiver and what does not is so absurdly blurry, that now the NCAA might just blow the whole damn thing up.

They almost did just that. They almost blew it up. But at the last moment (Thursday) they decided to continue to consider, not adopt, the proposal. So, nothing has changed. You want to tranfer, you go right ahead and do it.

- Sideline Rant, Illini Board

A Lion Eye, of Illini Board, spieled a nice spiel over the weekend about the lack of energy at the State Farm Center when the Orange Krush is on break. He believes it puts the Illini at a home disadvantage, and I side with him. Illinois needs the ruckus.

- Illini fans ready to take the plunge

Here is a great article, published last week after the Purdue loss, that summarizes the struggling patient ears of Brian Moline--the host of the Illinois postgame call-in show on Champaign's WDWS.