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Introducing The Newest Champaign Room Writer

2014 brings a new football analyst and Orange Krush member to TCR.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, TCR readers and Illini fans!

You may remember me from a couple of Fanposts I wrote earlier this year during the football season, the first concerning Donovonn Young and the second, Bill Cubit's trick plays. I briefly introduced myself in those pieces, but officially becoming a writer for The Champaign Room deserves a bit more than one sentence.

Currently a student at Illinois, I spend way too much time watching sports and not nearly enough focusing on my engineering major. Though not an Illini fan my entire life, it hasn't taken long for me to become emotionally invested in the athletic success of the university. I'm joining the small legion of Illini fans who care more about football than basketball, so expect the majority of my pieces to revolve around Tim Beckman's crew. I strive everyday to learn more about football, and as my knowledge grows, I hope to bring you the best content possible. This is a really interesting time for the football program, with young studs at quarterback, a competent offensive coordinator, and a favorable division alignment for the foreseeable future.

All that being said, I'm certainly not opposed to a good basketball team, which looks to be what John Groce is building here. I'm a certified member of the Orange Krush, so you can anticipate hearing some of my thoughts from the stands of Assembly Hall the State Farm Center.

Along with my Illini fandom, I root for nearly all the Chicago sports teams (sorry, St. Louis). The only team outside of Chicago that I support is the Washington Wizards, which can only be explained by my being a massive sports masochist (this also explains my passion for Illini football and the Cubs).

I'm really looking forward to getting started here at the Champaign Room, and I can't wait to bring you all the most depressing football analysis and news as it happens.