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Quentin Snider's Dad Makes It Sound Like A Two-Horse Race

Snider's dad says his son really enjoyed UCLA but he wants to make sure Snider visited Illinois before making a decision.


You can try to parse Scott Snider's words to try to figure out where his son, Quentin Snider, will be committing to, but the only conclusion you'll come to is the one you wanted to reach in the first place. The fact is that the elder Snider didn't really show his son's cards while talking to Marcus Jackson.

However, that doesn't mean he didn't give us any information. The one thing I took away from reading Jackson's story was that the competition for Quentin Snider is now down to two schools: UCLA and Illinois.

While Scott Snider said there are still seven schools in play, and he also said plenty of nice things about John Groce, there was one thing he said that really stood out to me.

"We'll need to go home and talk about [the Illinois visit] more, maybe take another visit and make sure that's where his heart is," Scott Snider said. "He liked UCLA; he liked it a whole lot. I wanted him to at least take another visit and not just jump on the first visit; we did that last time with Louisville. If he goes to Illinois and comes back and says he still likes UCLA and that's where his heart is at, OK. He might get to Illinois and like it, and I wanted to make sure we visited there."

The first thing to take away from that quote is that the odds are Snider won't commit this weekend, though that won't mean he's not coming to Illinois. The other thing you notice is that Snider's dad says "maybe" they'll take another visit. Well if a third visit isn't planned, kind gives you doubts about there still being seven schools in the running, doesn't it?

A feeling that is seemingly supported by another quote from Scott Snider.

"We had the week off and he really liked UCLA a lot last week, and we wanted to make sure he saw some other schools to compare," Snider said. "We felt it would be good to get them done early instead of waiting until the 28th."

They want to get the visits done early, which is why they moved the Illini visit up three weeks. Well, what about the visits Snider has set up to Michigan State on September 14 and UConn on September 20? Why wasn't one of those visits moved up if they're looking to make a decision?

Again, this is all just what I'm reading between the lines here. I don't know anything for sure, but based on what I've heard from other places and what I've now read from Scott Snider, this seems like a two-horse race to me.

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