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The Champaign Room Top 40: Settling In

The Champaign Room Top 40 thinks Top 25 polls are for wimps.

There were a lot of teams who took the weekend off, though that didn't stop us from seeing some big games. Still, even with a top ten matchup taking place and two coaches getting shit-canned in the last 48 hours, there aren't a whole lot of changes in the Top 40 this week.

At least, not in the top 10.

As is usually the case, there's plenty of jockeying for position below that and, oh, who am I kidding? You've already skipped over this part to see if Illinois is ranked haven't you? Don't lie. It's okay. Just come back up here and finish reading when you've found out.

1. Alabama

So if you were concerned at all about Alabama's defense I think Saturday's performance pretty much put those to doubt. The Tide defense smothered a good Ole Miss offense, holding them to just over 200 yards of offense and not allowing them to score a single damn point. So at least the Tide and Florida are trying to give the SEC some semblance of defense this season.

2. Oregon

Without looking I can tell you that Cal's first nine possessions in their game against Oregon on Saturday resulted in no less than 15 turnovers. Seriously, I know it was raining, but holy crap that's a lot of turnovers and Oregon isn't exactly a team you can afford to turn the ball over to.

3. Clemson

Clemson took the weekend off. Yes, I'm aware it played Wake Forest. You tell me what the difference is.

4. Stanford

Stanford finally had its Stanford game. It blew out Arizona State last week before letting the Sun Devils creep back in late, but that didn't happen against Washington State. The blowout began early and did not end.


UCLA moves back into the top five even though it didn't play. It can thank Georgia for that.

6. Oklahoma

So I think Oklahoma proved on Saturday that it's the best team in the Big 12 right now, and I know Baylor exists. While the Sooners defense has been terrific all season, Saturday's win over Notre Dame was the second straight week the Sooners offense had its act together. Coincidentally, it was also Blake Bell's second straight game as the starting quarterback.

7. Ohio State

We knew Ohio State was the best team in the Big Ten going in to Saturday night's game against Wisconsin, and nothing has changed. Now the only question about the Buckeyes is whether or not there's anybody in the Big Ten that can stop them. And, no, I don't think Northwestern will be the team to do it next week.

8. Florida State

Florida State was so close to Florida Stating, falling behind early on the road to Boston College, but then Jameis Winston just took the game over in the second quarter and made sure it didn't happen. The ACC will come down to Clemson-Florida State this year.

9. Louisville

Another team that took the week off and moved up a spot anyway thanks to LSU's loss.

10. Washington

Have to feel bad for Washington fans right now. It finally looks like Steve Sarkisian has things in place in Seattle and now you'll have to spend the rest of the season wondering if he's going to leave to take the USC job.

11. Miami

12. Northwestern

I think it's great that Gameday is coming to Evanston this weekend. I really do. I want the whole country to know how Northwestern is back before Braxton Miller and the Buckeyes scorch them for at least 50 points on Saturday night.

13. Maryland

14. Georgia

I absolutely loved reading this about how Georgia is still in contention for a national title. It's not even October and the arguments for the 1-loss SEC team have already begun. Oh, and did you know that the Pac-12 doesn't even exist? Just read that column and you won't even see it mentioned.

15. Texas Tech

16. Baylor

17. LSU

It figures that the year LSU finally gets an explosive offense would be the season it has such a young and inexperienced secondary.

18. Michigan

19. Texas A&M

20. Missouri

There are two undefeated teams remaining in the SEC. One is Alabama and the other is Missouri.

21. Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois is the only 2-0 team in the Big Ten, and I appreciated the argument I had with an NIU fan on Twitter Saturday. This fan was convinced that NIU is better than both Northwestern and Illinois. He may be right about Illinois, but not Northwestern. I mean, it's great that NIU has beaten both Purdue and Iowa this season, but there will be a few Big Ten teams who can say that at the end of the season.

22. Florida

23. Fresno State

24. Arizona State

Arizona State is now the second-favorite team of so many Tennessee and USC fans.

25. South Carolina

26. UCF

27. Houston

28. Oklahoma State

Remember when Oklahoma State was ranked 14th before the season started and I was saying that was way too high for this team? Cuz I remember that.

29. East Carolina

The Pirates ran 101 plays against North Carolina. 101!!

30. Pitt

31. Arizona

32. Texas State

Call it a hunch, but I don't think Texas State will be in the Top 40 all season. I'm not even sure how it got here now.

33. Auburn

34. Georgia Tech

35. Penn State

36. Ole Miss

37. Oregon State

38. Iowa

Welcome to the Top 40, Iowa fans. I've said all along that you were in store for a bounce-back season this year, and so far so good.

39. Ball State

40. Minnesota

Just Outside: Michigan State, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Bowling Green, Illinois

And Illinois?: You just saw they're in 45th you blind bastard.

All right, now you get to tell me how stupid I am in the comments below or on Twitter. Feel free to unload because I won't care.