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So You May Want To Look At Cliff Alexander's Crystal Ball

Wow, this could cause a meltdown.

Remember a few weeks ago when a couple of the recruiting experts at 247Sports started projecting Leron Black would be committing to Illinois? Then, one after another, they all began predicting Black would commit to Illinois? Well, that all ended up with Leron Black committing to Illinois.

Which is great.

So let's check out Cliff Alexander's 247 pa....OH MY GOD.


The two latest predictions are Illinois.

Which, let's be real here, means nothing. But the Leron Black predictions didn't really mean anything at first either. I mean, yeah, the Illini have the two latest predictions but Kansas still has 79% of them. The Illini are at 8%.

Still, I'm going to guess that most of us are going to be sitting on Alexander's page and refreshing for the next couple of months.

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