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Cliff Alexander Lists His Top Six

And, yes, we're included.

Stephen Dunn

Yesterday there was news that Cliff Alexander was considering UConn and Oregon. I didn't quite understand why either would be joining the race this late, but I had no reason to doubt what Scott Powers was telling me.

Well, if Oregon and UConn were ever in consideration, they no longer are. Cliff Alexander tweeted his top six schools on Monday afternoon, and neither school was on the list.

But one important school was.

Not exactly a shocking top six given what we've seen in recent months. And while DePaul is still listed I'd still be very surprised to see Alexander wind up there. So, in my eyes, it's really a five-team race, and I'm not sure Arizona has a legit chance either seeing as how it's getting in kind of late on the process.

I still think it's between Kansas, Michigan State and Illinois, but I have no inside information for that belief. So please don't yell at me in the comments about stealing thunder or jinxing anything about Cliff's chances of coming to Illinois. You know if you believe that you're an idiot right?

Well, I hope you do now. You idiot.

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