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The Dami Ayoola Situation

Could one of Illinois' running backs be transferring?


One thing I noticed during Saturday's game and didn't think much of was the fact that Dami Ayoola did not get a single carry. I was so focused on what was actually happening in the game that it never occurred to me to wonder why guys like Devin Church and Jon Davis got carries while Ayoola never saw the field.

Well, it seems there's a reason for that, even if we don't know exactly what that reason is at this point. But during his press conference on Monday, Tim Beckman sounded cryptic when it came to Ayoola.

"We're in the process of dealing with a situation with Dami," Beckman said. "I'll be able to further comment on that later on."

There was also a tweet from Illini receiver Justin Hardee yesterday -- a tweet that has since been deleted -- that read "gone miss my bro @dayoola_22," which is Ayoola's Twitter handle.

So if Hardee is tweeting about missing Ayoola and deleting it, and Beckman says he'll comment later on the situation, it sounds like Ayoola is transferring to me. Or at least he wants to transfer.

Which is not something I'd like to see happen because I feel like Ayoola is definitely the kind of player that could help the Illini on the field this season and in the years to come.

But I don't think I'm going to get that chance.

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