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Ahmad Starks Expects Waiver Decision Within Next Ten Days

Could we finally be nearing a decision on the never-ending mystery that is Ahmad Starks' waiver appeal?


It was late May when we found out that Ahmad Starks would be transferring from Oregon State to Illinois. Since then we've been waiting for the decision on Starks' waiver from the NCAA.

Since Starks was returning closer to home to be near his ailing grandmother, the thought was that the NCAA would let Starks play right away this season rather than forcing him to sit out a season. Well, it's only been three and a half months, but it sounds like we might know before the wait hits four months.

Rob McColley talked to Starks at the Illini game on Saturday in Chicago.

Ahmad Starks says he expects the NCAA to reach a decision on his waiver application in the next ten days. He's optimistic that he'll be playing this year. He might be right. The NCAA just granted Michael Dixon a similar waiver, and reversed its bizarre decision on Kerwin Okoro's application.

We might have an answer within the next ten days!

Which would be pretty nice because it's a pretty important answer we're waiting on. Starks' experience would be extremely valuable on an Illini team that will have a serious lack of seniors this season. Plus, you know, there's that whole thing about the scholarship situation in 2014.

As things sit right now, if Starks doesn't get the waiver and is forced to sit out this season, the Illini are oversigned for the 2014-15 season. Which means somebody will have to go -- and maybe two if Cliff Alexander makes dreams come true.

So, you know, any time now, NCAA. Hopefully before the season actually starts.

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