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Cliff Alexander To Make Official Visit To Illinois

Oh my god is this happening.


There has been a lot of positive momentum in Illini basketball recruiting the last few weeks. Some of it has been obvious with the commitments of both Leron Black and Quentin Snider. Some of it has been less obvious and far more cryptic.

While there hasn't been anything solid, there has been a lot of talk lately about Cliff Alexander. More specifically there's been talk that Illinois has a much better shot of landing Cliff Alexander than most of us thought we have for the last few months.

And that talk isn't going to go away after this tweet from Alexander on Thursday night.

This is huge news. I know I've said before that Alexander not taking an official visit to Illinois doesn't eliminate them from contention, but the Illini getting an official visit definitely helps their chances.

I mean, look at John Groce's track record on official visits. When they come, the man gets them. Will that be the case with Cliff Alexander?

I don't know. But when you combine the news of his official visit with the commitments of Black and Snider, and, well, I'm a lot more optimistic now in this recruitment than I have been at any point before.

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