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You Bet Your Ass: Week 3

Did you know that it's possible to go 8-4 during a week and not make a single dollar off your picks? Cassidy does now.

You know, when I first proposed this idea to the group the general response I got from everybody was "I'm down, but I have no idea what I'm doing."

And it shows in the standings, as after two weeks of competition, I find myself with the least amount of money in my bankroll. Another week or two like this and somebody will be showing up at my doorstep holding a baseball bat.

Hopefully I can get myself on track this week and start teaching these young bucks a thing or two about gambling. That thing probably being "don't gamble." Anyway, if you aren't sure how You Bet Your Ass works, here's all you need to know.

Each participant will bet on every Big Ten game being played that weekend, and they can bet either the point spread or the over/under.

The participant will assign an amount to their bet, which can be either $25, $50 or $100. Each participant is allowed only one $100 bet per week. Everybody starts with a $0 balance, and balances can be negative.

Super complicated, right?

Indiana (-2.5) vs. Bowling Green, Over/Under: 64.5

Fornelli: $50 on Indiana -2.5

Primiano: $50 on Bowling Green +2.5

Birkhead: $25 on Bowling Green +2.5

Cassidy: $25 on Bowing Green +2.5

From Primiano: A high-powered MAC offense against a defense that can't stop anyone? I'm smelling an upset.

Michigan (-36.5) vs. Akron, Over/Under: 58

Fornelli: $25 on Michigan -36.5

Primiano: $50 on Michigan -36.5

Birkhead: $25 on Over 58

Cassidy: $25 on Akron +36.5

From Birkhead: Michigan has looked great. They should continue to playing Akron.

Minnesota (-31) vs. Western Illinois, Over/Under: 44

Fornelli: $50 on Over 44

Primiano: $25 on Over 44

Birkhead: $50 on Over 44

Cassidy: $25 on Western Illinois +31

From Cassidy: Gotta represent the state. Plus, I love these big spread games against teams that annoy me. I can reasonably pick the underdog, cheer for the massive upset, then say "I knew it all along" if they happen to pull it off.

Nebraska (-5) vs. UCLA, Over/Under: 69

Fornelli: $25 on Under 69

Primiano: $50 on Over 69

Birkhead: $50 on UCLA +5

Cassidy: $100 on Under 69

From Cassidy: That's a whole lot of points for what should be a tightly contested game involving the shuck n' run Huskers.

Michigan State (-27) vs. Youngstown State, Over/Under: 42

Fornelli: $50 on Michigan State -27

Primiano: $25 on Under 42

Birkhead: $50 on Under 42

Cassidy: $50 on Michigan State -27

From Fornelli: Michigan State's offense sucked last season too, but it still managed 41 points against Central Michigan.

Iowa State vs. Iowa (-1.5), Over/Under: 45

Fornelli: $25 on Iowa -1.5

Primiano: $25 on Iowa -1.5

Birkhead: $50 on Iowa -1.5

Cassidy: $50 on Over 45

From Primiano: Can I just bet that everyone watching this game hates themselves instead?

Penn State (-6) vs. UCF, Over/Under: 50.5

Fornelli: $25 on Penn State -6

Primiano: $25 on Under 50.5

Birkhead: $50 on Penn State -6

Cassidy: $25 on Penn State -6

From Cassidy: Seems like a win for ol' Nittany, but that spread is just tight enough to make you wonder.

Illinois vs. Washington (-11), Over/Under: 60

Fornelli: $25 on Illinois +11

Primiano: $25 on Illinois +11

Birkhead: $25 on Over 60

Cassidy: $25 on Illinois +11

From Birkhead: I love our offense. I don't love our defense.

Cal vs. Ohio State (-15), Over/Under: 66

Fornelli: $25 on Cal +15

Primiano: $25 on Ohio State -15

Birkhead: $25 on Cal +15

Cassidy: $50 on Ohio State -15

From Fornelli: Big Ten teams struggle when they go west. Ohio State struggles when it leaves Columbus in September. Too hard to pass up two touchdowns with the home dog.

Purdue vs. Notre Dame (-20.5), Over/Under: 52

Fornelli: $50 on Notre Dame -20.5

Primiano: $50 on Notre Dame -20.5

Birkhead: $50 on Notre Dame -20.5

Cassidy: $25 on Notre Dame -20.5

From Birkhead: I sort of feel bad for Purdue, but then I remember they are Purdue.

Northwestern (-32) vs. Western Michigan, Over/Under: 60.5

Fornelli: $25 on Northwestern -32

Primiano: $50 on Northwestern -32

Birkhead: $25 on Northwestern -32

Cassidy: $25 on Northwestern -32

From Fornelli: Is a world where Northwestern is not only favored by 32 points, but also picked by all four of us a world we really want to live in?

Arizona State (-5.5) vs. Wisconsin, Over/Under: 55

Fornelli: $25 on Over 55

Primiano: $25 on Over 55

Birkhead: $50 on Wisconsin +5.5

Cassidy: $25 on Wisconsin +5.5

From Primiano: Both teams have demolished cupcakes so far. I'm betting on the offenses being in better shape than their counterparts.

Money On The Line This Week

Fornelli: $400

Primiano: $425

Birkhead: $475

Cassidy: $450

Standings (Last Week)

1. Cassidy 16-8, $300 (8-4, $0)

2. Primiano 14-10, $125 (8-4, $150)

3. Fornelli 11-13, -$100 (6-6, -$25)

4. Birkhead 10-14, -$75 (4-8, -$175)

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