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B1G Power Rankings: Week Two

Oh the swings, they be swinging.

Mike McGinnis

How volatile are these rankings this early in the season before these teams have started playing one another? Well, the team that was No. 1 last week went out and beat a ranked team and fell in the rankings anyway because they allowed 30 points and 410 yards are doing so.

So who is the new No. 1? Well didn't you see the picture up top? I mean, it's kind of a hint. You should be able to figure it out.

But just in case you haven't, here are this week's Big Ten Power Rankings Of Power And Honor And Tradition And Chastity.


1. Wisconsin (2) - 138 -- Now, let's be clear right off the bat. Wisconsin is ranked this high thanks to the strength of their statistical performance, but it hasn't played anybody either. So while they're at the top right now, it's a bit of a hollow No. 1 and a ranking that is likely to change next week considering the Badgers hit the road for a tough game against Arizona State next week. Illini fans are well aware of how tough that trip can be. Next Game: at Arizona State

2. Ohio State (3) - 123 -- The Buckeyes move up a spot after handling San Diego State with ease, but the only thing anybody in Columbus cares about is the status of Braxton Miller's knee. He's day-to-day right now, but odds are he's going to play against Cal on Saturday. Next Game: at Cal

3. Michigan (1) - 122 -- Congratulations on that win against Notre Dame, Michigan! Unfortunately strength of schedule does not factor into play here like it does in my actual rankings. Which, now that I think of it, may be a bad thing this week but it'll certainly work in your favor for next week. I mean, look at who you're playing. Next Game: vs. Akron

4. Nebraska (7) - 117 -- Your defense didn't play like crap and actually managed to score two touchdowns of its own. It's about damned time. Unfortunately your next game is against a team that racked up 653 yards of offense against you last season. Next Game: vs. UCLA

5. Minnesota (4) - 115 -- I still have no idea why the hell you were playing a road game against New Mexico State, but, well, you did. It's in the past now and it's time we moved on. Everybody makes mistakes. At least you won. Next Game: vs. Western Illinois

6. Michigan State (8) - 107 -- You aren't going to believe this but Michigan State is only this high based solely on the statistical strength of its defense. Seriously, if it's a defensive statistic that I'm using in the formula for these rankings, Michigan State is at or near the top. If it's an offensive category, it's defense is at or near the top. Next Game: vs. Youngstown State

7. Northwestern (6) - 102 -- Northwestern's two wins are probably more impressive than any other team in the conference's, it just that aside from turnover margin -- which the Wildcats once again lead the Big Ten in -- the Wildcats rank in the middle of just about every category I use. Also, the defense is still far from perfect. Next Game: vs. Western Michigan

7. Penn State (10) - 102 -- A tie! The Nittany Lions climb up three spots after beating up on a bad Eastern Michigan team. However, there's still a lot of work to be done here, as the Nittany Lions are a bit too careless with the ball. Something you can deal with against Eastern Michigan, but not other opponents. Next Game: vs. UCF

9. Illinois (9) - 100 -- Yeah, we don't fall but we don't climb either. The win was terrific and I know we all enjoyed it, but we also know that even though it allowed only 17 points, the defense didn't exactly play outstanding on Saturday. Oh, and I'm pretty sure we gave up 24 points but shhhhhh, the check to the officials has already cleared. Next Game: vs. Washington

10. Indiana (5) - 89 -- See, here's the thing about Indiana: if you can run the football, you can beat Indiana. Because Indiana cannot stop the run. Which is why you may have seen the spread for Indiana's game this week and been confused. Well, it's that small because Bowling Green can run the football. Next Game: vs. Bowling Green

11. Iowa (11) -- 86 - Seriously, how many Iowa fans do you think were convinced that the Hawkeyes were going to lose once Missouri State turned a 21-0 Iowa lead into a 21-14 lead in the first 45 seconds of the fourth quarter? I'm going to bet every single damn one of them. Next Game: at Iowa State

12. Purdue (12) - 56 -- It's going to be a long year, Purdue. Enjoy that Indiana State win while you can because your next six games are Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan State and Ohio State. You are going t be 1-7 so fucking fast. Next Game: vs. Notre Dame

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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