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WR Zach Grant Is Transferring To Illinois

Grant is Wes Lunt's former high school teammate and he was at Northern Illinois.

Wes Lunt is being reunited with an old friend
Wes Lunt is being reunited with an old friend
Ed Zurga

Well I don't think we have any choice but to attribute this one to the Wes Lunt Effect.

According to Zach Kerker, wide receiver Zach Grant is transferring to Illinois from Northern Illinois.

So how do we know Wes Lunt had something to do with this? Well, did you notice the name of the high school that Grant went to? Yep, Rochester. Where he was the teammate and favorite target of Wes Lunt.

Grant originally went to St. Ambrose for his freshman season before transferring to Northern Illinois and now transferring to Illinois. He'll have to sit out a year before he's eligible to play for the Illini and will have three years of eligibility remaining.

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