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Eric Finney Has Arthroscopic Surgery On Knee

The good news is he could be healthy in time for the season opener.


Here's the good news for Eric Finney: He did not suffer an ACL injury as coaches had originally feared might be the case.

Here's the bad news for Eric Finney: His knee injury did require arthroscopic surgery and that's going to keep him out for a few weeks at least. Likely the rest of training camp.

Though Tim Beckman did say there's an outside chance Finney could be healthy in time for the season opener against Southern Illinois.

"It's going to be close," Beckman said. "Probably going to be cutting that really close. But I think he'll keep on progressing. He's on the crutches now and maybe the beginning of next week or Tuesday-ish, he'll be off the crutches."

Of course, even if Finney is only out for a few weeks, those are an important few weeks. It's not as if Finney has been a part of the program the last few years, as he's one of the junior college transfers in the 2013 class. So as far as learning the system he's not all that much different from a freshman.

So the development of B.J. Bello in practice -- Finney's replacement -- will be something to keep an eye on while Finney sits. Bello is a redshirt freshman.

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