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Former Illini Jereme Richmond Found Guilty

Richmond was found guilty on two of three counts of harassment of a witness.

Joe Robbins

Former Illini Jereme Richmond was found guilty on two of three counts of harassment of a witness after threatening his probation officer -- which is just something that really smart people do because probation officers are the people keeping your ass out of prison, so you should threaten them -- in April after she wouldn't let him make up missed drug tests.

The jury in Richmond's case needed more than six hours to come to a decision.

Both of the convictions are Class 2 felonies, which means Richmond could be sentenced to anything ranging from probation to three to seven years in prison. His sentencing will take place on September 26.

And if you haven't heard the story of what he did to get himself into this latest mess, here you go.

The case centered on incidents Thursday, April 25, a day before the probation officer was scheduled to state in a court hearing the next day that Richmond had not taken a scheduled drug test that Monday and failed to do so Tuesday, too, when she and another officer visited his home.

Just before the probation office closed on April 25, Richmond came in and wanted to submit a urine test in lieu of the previously missed tests. The probation officer refused him, saying the office was closing for the day and she would see him in court the next morning.

Officials said Richmond, who was upset, told the officer to "be safe. be real safe," as he was leaving the building. He then waited across the street in his parked car for several minutes before backing out of the spot and making what two secretaries and an IT employee, who were watching out of a window, described as shooting gestures with his hand before circling the office in the car and being pulled over by sheriff's deputies.

Just one good decision after the other.

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