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Steve Hull Missed Practice With Hamstring Injury

It doesn't seem serious, but it's not good, either.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday the Illini suffered their first real injury of camp when Eric Finney had to be carted off the field with a knee injury. While coaches were optimistic about Finney's status yesterday it's still unknown how serious the injury is or how long he'll miss.

Today it was Steve Hull's turn to miss practice.

Hull sat out with what's being called a hamstring injury and it seems more of a precautionary move than anything, so you probably shouldn't worry about it all that much. However, with Hull making the move from safety to wide receiver this year it's important he gets every rep he can in practice.

Plus, with Hull's injury history -- one of the reasons he's switching positions is injuries -- it's never good to hear about any health problems with him. Hopefully the hamstring will only keep him out a few days max, but these things are hard to predict.

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