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Beckman And Cubit Talk About Aaron Bailey

Today was the first day of practice, which also means it was the first day of Aaron Bailey in an Illini uniform.


Odds are that unless there are major developments we're not going to be bringing you updates from each day of Illini training camp. I mean, let's be real, that shit would get boring real quick. So unless there are injuries or we find out the NCAA is investigating Johnny Manziel because he was paid $10,000 to sign pictures of Nathan Scheelhaase, we're going to be pretty quiet about it.

However, today is a special day. Today is the first day of camp, and that means its our first chance to see all the new players working out with the rest of the team. And that includes Aaron Bailey.

Both Tim Beckman and Bill Cubit talked about Bailey after practice, and of course they had nice things to say. It's the first day of practice.

"I was impressed with his arm strength," coach Tim Beckman said of Bailey. "Decision-making has got to improve, no question. But it's Day 1. He's a freshman. ... I was impressed with the way he moves and the way he throws."

Offensive coordinator Bill Cubit offered a quick breakdown of Bailey's first two hours of college work.

"He needs some work, technique-wise," Cubit said. "But the good thing about it was he wasn't intimidated. He went out there and he just jumped right in."

Of course, Bailey wasn't the only newcomer to practice this morning. Wes Lunt also had his first practice with the team, even though he's not eligible until 2014. Unconfirmed reports say Lunt through a football clear over them there mountains.

Anyway, here's video of both Beckman and Cubit after practice.

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