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New Addition to Memorial Stadium

The Illini are adding more to Memorial Stadium in 2013 than a new scoreboard.


I was invited to watch the Illini hold a scrimmage today in front of their families and the Marching Illini, and I noticed something very important that is being added to Memorial Stadium.


The Illini are adding the years of their National and Big Ten Championships to the stadium's Luxury and Press Boxes.

It will read, "Memorial Stadium Home of the Fighting Illini" with the years of the five national championships listed below and the years of the Illini's Big Ten Championships on the bottom level.

I have no idea why these weren't there already, but it 's great that they are being added now. It looks sharp and it adds a nice touch to the stadium. Most importantly it helps the team build on its history, which is an important part of building the football program.

At the bottom of the picture, you can see the new ribbon board for the west side of the stadium. There is also one on the east side to go along with the brand new scoreboard. It was turned on very briefly today, and the picture quality is light year's better than the terrible old scoreboard.