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Reilly O'Toole Can Play The Role Of A Camel

The Illini "Game Day" video is pretty funny.

Reilly O'Toole has found his calling
Reilly O'Toole has found his calling

In this day and age of DVRs we don't see nearly as many commercials as we used to. It's why DVRs are so great because, by and large, commercials suck. The general trend of commercials right now is to be like an old Adult Swim cartoon in which you just throw a whole bunch of things together that don't make any sense and then hope that they're funny.

Which is a formula that worked for Adult Swim because the people watching Adult Swim are generally stoned out of their minds. When you're stoned everything is entertaining.

Still, there are still some good commercials, and Geico has done a pretty good job lately. I know that every time I see the camel "Humpday" commercial I chuckle even though I know what's coming. So you can imagine how delighted I was when I saw Illinois' "Gameday" video promotion for the season.


Good job, Illini, and an excellent job by Reilly O'Toole of taking on the role of the camel. It was the role you were born to play, young man.

Oh, and if you have no idea what commercial this is based on, here. Watch it.

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