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TCR Readers Predict The Illini Will Go 4-8 This Season

Looking at the results of the polls I put on each season preview just further proves how low expectations are this season.


On Friday I finished The Champaign Room's season previews of each team the Illini will be playing this season -- if you missed any, catch up here -- and at the end of each post I put a poll asking if you thought the Illini would beat that team.

Well, I asked and you answered. And your answers just helped prove how low expectations are around here this season. Here's how you all voted game-by-game.

Southern Illinois Win
Cincinnati Loss
Washington Loss
Miami (OH) Win
Nebraska Loss
Wisconsin Loss
Michigan State Loss
Penn State Loss
Indiana Win
Ohio State Loss
Purdue Win
Northwestern Loss

Tally it up and Champaign Room readers see the Illini going 4-8 this season with a 2-6 record in the Big Ten. Of course, you also see the Illini starting Big Ten play 0-4 which means our conference losing streak will have reached 18 games before the Illini knock off Indiana in Bloomington.

As for my feelings on the subject, I think 4-8 is probably about right, though I'm also optimistic about the team's chances of upsetting Michigan State. At least, I'm more optimistic about that than I am the Illini winning both road games against Indiana and Purdue.

Of course, what really matters is that two weeks from today we'll no longer be predicting what we think will happen but instead be watching it happen.

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