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Illinois Has The Worst Football Uniforms In The Big Ten

So sayeth Big Ten scribes, including myself.

Of current options, this is our best look
Of current options, this is our best look

So last week Brent Yarina from the Big Ten Network asked me to rank Big Ten football teams from the best uniforms to the worst. He asked this same question of 11 other Big Ten scribes, and after compiling all of the votes, guess which uniform came in last.

Yep, it was us.

Of the 12 people who voted nobody ranked the Illini uniform higher than eighth in the conference, and I wasn't one of the people to rate them that highly. I actually had them eleventh, ahead of only Indiana. And the only reason I had Indiana behind Illinois was because of this.

No matter how much I dislike Illinois' uniforms, I cannot rank them behind those helmets.

Now, as to why people don't like the Illini uniforms, the reason that comes up the most often from the other voters is the color scheme of orange and blue. Most of the voters say that the colors just don't work together, which means that most of the voters don't remember one of the most basic things from their elementary school art classes.

They're called complementary colors, bitch, and orange and blue are two of them.



Anyway, while the reasoning may be stupid, the placement is pretty accurate. Here's what I had to say on my ballot about our uniforms.

I really wish Illinois would do something with their uniforms that wasn't so boring. They've made some changes in recent years that have me optimistic. Nothing crazy, as I like simple, but what's memorable about Illinois uniforms? Exactly.

I do think that they've headed in the right direction, but they've still got a long way to go.

What changes would you like to see to Illinois uniforms?

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