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Group Of Handsome Writers Pick Illinois To Finish Last In Division

Time for more predictions.


So -- I WORK THERE -- released its preseason predictions for the 2013 season. Not just the teams that will win each conference or division, but selecting where every team in every conference will finish. It leads to things like every single one of us choosing West Virginia to finish eighth in the Big 12.

That's just so random that it amuses the hell out of me.

Anyway, while you can see all our predictions right here, if the only thing you care about is Illinois and the Big Ten, well, you don't have to go anywhere.

When it comes to the Illini there is good news and bad news. The good news is that not all eight of us have the Illini finishing last.


See? A full half of us picked the Illini to finish in fifth, including myself. I did my part!

The bad news is that on cumulative votes -- six points for first, five for second, etc -- the Illini finish in last because Barnhart, Feldman and Palm were drunk enough to think Purdue will finish fourth.

Here are the cumulative standings.


1. Ohio State - 48 points
2. Wisconsin - 39 points
3. Penn State - 33 points
4. Indiana - 20 points
5. Purdue - 16 points
6. Illinois - 12 points


1. Nebraska - 44 points
2. Michigan - 43 points
3. Michigan State - 30 points
4. Northwestern - 27 points
5. Minnesota - 13 points
6. Iowa - 11 points

At least Illinois finished with more points than Iowa?

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