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Reilly O'Toole Has No Plans To Transfer

Apparently there had been rumors to the contrary.

Jonathan Daniel

Before Wes Lunt finally announced that he was transferring to Illinois and we were all going crazy over the idea, there was a portion of the fan base who were worried that Lunt coming to Illinois could lead to Aaron Bailey eventually transferring out. Apparently Bailey wasn't the only quarterback people wondered about.

While I had no idea they even existed, Reilly O'Toole told Matt Daniels that, contrary to any rumors, he would not be transferring from Illinois.

Even with Wes Lunt's transfer last month from Oklahoma State to Illinois, a move that will make the Rochester product and 2011 News-Gazette All-State Player of the Year eligible in the 2014 season, Reilly O'Toole said he is not thinking about going to another school.

"I think that's been in the rumor mill for the last couple years," O'Toole said with a laugh. "I'm happy where I am. I love the people here, and I love being close to home."

All right, that's settled.

Honestly, though, it's a bit fitting that if there were rumors about O'Toole transferring they'd go largely unnoticed. In all the talk about Illinois quarterbacks of the present and the future with Lunt and Bailey, O'Toole's name seldom comes up. Which is odd because, even if it's not expected to be the case, there's a chance Reilly O'Toole could be your starting quarterback next season.

Hell, there's a chance he could start a few games this year. While I think that the new offense will help limit some of the hits Nathan Scheelhaase has taken around here on a regular basis, you just never know.

So I suppose that even though I had no idea there were rumors O'Toole was going to leave, I'm happy to hear he isn't.

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