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Jonathan Brown Makes The Butkus Award Watch List

That's three watch lists for Brown this summer.


If you were wondering, watch list season has not ended. Though the emails are filling my inbox at a much more reasonable rate these days, they are still coming, and occasionally one of them has Jonathan Brown's name on them. Like one I got this morning from the Butkus Award folks.

The award is given out to the nation's best linebacker, and considering that Brown has already been included on the Bednarik and Nagurski lists -- both of which go to the best defensive player in the country -- it's only logical to think that he'd be named to the list for his position as well.

However, there was one list that Jonathan didn't make. The Lombardi Award list was released today, and that goes to the best linebacker or down lineman in the country. There were over 100 names on that son of a bitch, and Brown's was not one of them.

Though that doesn't mean he isn't eligible because, come a little closer and I'll tell you a secret: just because you aren't on the watch list doesn't mean you can't win the award. All these watch lists are is a way to get some press for the award before the season starts. Shhhh, don't tell anybody. Keep it between you and me.

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