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John Groce To Start July's Evaluation Period With Carlton Bragg

July is one of the busiest recruiting months of the summer, and John Groce gets to go to work tonight.


The recruiting dead period will be coming to an end tonight at 5pm, and it will mark the beginning of one of the busier recruiting periods left for college coaches before the next school year starts. From today through the end of July coaches like John Groce will be able to evaluate recruits on 15 of the 22 days left in the month of July. The other seven days are part of the "dead period."

The other 15 days are part of the "evaulation period" which basically means a coach can visit a recruit's school, watch him play and communicate with him via phone or mail, he just can't have face-to-face contact with him off of campus.

And John Groce won't be wasting any time, as he's planning on checking out one of his priorities in the 2015 class tonight.

Who is this mystery coach Ezzo?

Seriously, though, as Groce has mentioned recently, the 2015 class is the class that he feels like his staff is really going to make a splash in, and Carlton Bragg is a big part of that splash.

Of course, just because coaches are allowed to get back on the road today, that doesn't mean you should expect a flood of commitment news in the coming weeks. While there will be updates I wouldn't expect the top targets to begin committing anywhere until the fall.

But you should expect a lot of updates and rumors and for message boards to continue going insane.

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