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Illini Lose A Recruit To The Los Angeles Angels

WR Michael Hermosillo was a member of Tim Beckman's 2013 recruiting class, but after being drafted by the Los Angeles Angels he'll be pursuing his baseball career.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels have taken a member of our 2013 recruiting class. Michael Hermosillo was a three-star athlete in the 2013 class, but he was drafted in the 28th round of the MLB Draft on Sunday by the Angels.

And Hermosillo tweeted on Sunday that he'd be giving up football and signing with the Angels.

Along with playing football at Ottawa Township High School in Ottawa, Illinois, Hermosillo was also a centerfielder for the baseball team.

"I met with Michael and his family this morning in Champaign and he has decided to pursue a professional baseball career after being drafted by the Angels," said Tim Beckman in a statement. "The family felt it was the right fit for Michael at this time and indicated they would consider Michael's football future once his baseball season is complete."

While losing Hermosillo to the Angels is certainly a blow to the Illini, as Hermosillo was a player I was pretty high on after watching some video -- in fact, I said he might be my favorite player in the 2013 class -- but I certainly don't begrudge him for the decision he made. Playing baseball is obviously a dream of his, and it's hard to be upset with somebody for following their dreams.

And I hope things work out for him and he's playing in the big leagues in the next few years. Just as long as he doesn't get any hits against the White Sox, anyway.

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