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Thomas Lindauer Drafted By The Houston Astros

The shortstop was taken in the 23rd round.


Finally, an Illini not named Parr has been drafted.

Shortstop Thomas Lindauer went to the Houston Astros in the 23rd round. He was the 677th overall pick.

"Illinois has prepared me for this moment, so I think I'm ready," Lindauer said. "My experience at Illinois has been everything I can ask for and more. I want to first and foremost thank the coaches. My college career would not have been possible without those guys giving me the chance. I really want to thank coach Snider for working with me the past three years and helping take my game to another level."

Lindauer hit .309 with 9 home runs, 38 RBI and 15 stolen bases for the Illini this season. Like Jordan Parr before him, Lindauer has one year of eligibility remaining, so it's possible he'll return to Champaign for another season.

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