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Wes Lunt's High School Coach Believes Louisville Has Slight Edge

It's time for Illini fans to do what Illini fans do best and expect the worst.

Christian Petersen

You know how I told you that the fact Wes Lunt was visiting Illinois one more time before making his decision seemed like a good omen to me? Well forget I ever said that, okay? Just erase it from your mind completely. In fact, erase Wes Lunt from your mind completely.

He never existed. You don't even exist. You aren't actually reading this. It's all just a computer simulation like The Matrix, but even that simulation is just some part of a dream that an orangutan is having while asleep in a jungle somewhere.

And this update you're about to read from Jeremy Rauch at WICS? Yeah, this update is just part of that orangutan's dream too.

Wes Lunt timeline update: Lunt is expected to make a decision between Illinois and Louisville early next week. Rochester head football coach Derek Leonard confirms Lunt is making a second visit to Illinois on Thursday. According to Leonard, it's still a toss up between Louisville and Illinois, but his best guess is that the Cardinals have a slight edge. Another source also tells me Lunt "loved Louisville." In my humble opinion, Lunt is visiting Illinois one more time to see if it sways him to come home, or convinces him Louisville is the better option. That's just my opinion. We'll keep you posted and expect to finally hear something early next week.

Well, dreams are fun while they last, but we all wake up eventually. Or we don't, but it's usually better to wake up. Usually.

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