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No Illini Selected In NBA Draft

60 picks came and 60 picks went without an Illini being selected.


The Illini had a season that exceeded expectations under John Groce in 2012-13, but it will not end with any members of the Illini being drafted. Sixty picks came and sixty picks went without Brandon Paul, D.J. Richardson or any Illini player being selected.

Which is somewhat surprising, but not all that shocking.

Of the eligible Illini it seemed that Brandon Paul was most likely to be drafted, but there were no guarantees as most mock drafts that did include him saw him as a late second-round pick.

Now, just because neither was drafted, that doesn't mean Brandon and D.J. won't have a chance to make an NBA roster. It's just they'll have to go a much tougher route by signing as an undrafted free agent and impressing during the summer league.

Hopefully they'll be able to do that, and if the Bulls want to sign either you won't hear any complaints from me.

UPDATE: Early word is that Brandon Paul will end up with Minnesota on its summer league team.

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