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2013 NBA Draft Open Thread

If you're watching, might as well watch with us.

Jonathan Daniel

This year's NBA Draft is interesting not because it features a bunch of players who are going to be superstars in the NBA, but because it doesn't. Which means that absolutely anything is going to happen tonight. Normally at this point we can be reasonably sure who the top five picks are going to be, but tonight we don't even know for sure who the top pick will be.

Of course, as Illini fans, our biggest question is whether or not Brandon Paul or D.J. Richardson are going to be drafted. I'd say the odds of Brandon being drafted are much better than Richardson's, but it's no guarantee that either will be drafted. Which would suck, but their careers will carry on somehow.

And while it'll probably be a while before either of them get drafted, we'll have plenty of things to do to help pass the time. Like when the Charlotte Bobcats take Cody Zeller with the #4 pick we can all laugh our asses off about it.

So join us here tonight as we watch the NBA Draft and cross our fingers for our Illini.

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