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Malik Turner Commits To Illinois

And Turner makes seven.

Jonathan Daniel

I do believe the credit for this one goes to The Wes Lunt Effect. You'll remember last week how I mentioned that Wes Lunt could help the Illini on the recruiting trail and even mentioned how Lunt said he was already recruiting receiver Malik Turner.

Well guess who committed to the Illini on Monday night.


Turner is the second receiver in Illinois' 2014 class, and he's a great compliment to Mike Dudek. While Dudek seems like he's going to be a perfect fit in the slot -- honestly, every single word I hear about Dudek from coaches or anybody who has seen him is positive, and the word positive probably doesn't do the praise justice -- Turner checks in at 6'1 and 205 pounds.

Turner is a three-star receiver out of Sacred Heart Griffin in Springfield. His only other offer was from Ball State but he did camp with Purdue recently.

I can't find any video of Turner, so it's hard for me to give an opinion on his ability, though from what I've heard from most, people tend to think he's a bit under-rated. And Lunt obviously wanted him in the fold. Hopefully they're right. I know I like his size, and receiver is certainly a position this team can use help at.

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