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Ryan Nowicki Is Transferring

Rumor has it the one time Nittany Lion is leaving Illinois for Northern Arizona.

Better luck next year.
Better luck next year.

Remember last summer when Tim Beckman and company "allegedly" hounded the entire roster of the Penn State Nittany Lions, looking to get as many free agent transfers as possible to come play for an Illinois Fighting Illini squad in desperate need of depth at almost every position? Or, as you could accurately call it, the first of many black eyes that Beckman would receive over the following season? And remember how it only resulted in the landing of one offensive lineman who wound up not playing a single snap last season?

About that ...

It's beginning to look a lot like Ryan Nowicki is ever going to see live game action with the Illini. Over the span of two years, Nowicki will have gone from being a Nittany Lion to an Illini to a Lumberjack.

And while we don't yet know the particular reasons he's leaving, I'm a little unhappy with this. The football program took a lot of heat last year for how they handled the odd and hopefully once-in-a-lifetime situation that occurred in Happy Valley. It was the true start of the fire under Beckman's seat. And what is the team ultimately walking away from all of this with? Exactly what they had when they started.

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