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New Illinois Football Numbers

Last week we went over the uniform numbers that the newcomers on the basketball team would wear. Today we look at the football team.


How do you know it's June? Well, because for the second time in a week we're doing a post about uniform numbers.

Yes, last week we went over the numbers all the new members of the basketball team would be wearing next season, and today we take a look at the numbers our new football players will be wearing. Of course, football is a bit different than basketball in that we also get to see what positions the players are listed as.

Which comes in handy for players like Caleb Day who was recruited as an athlete. Anyway, without further ado, here are the new additions to the roster, their new numbers and what positions they'll be playing.

Darwyn Kelly - 4 - DB
James Crawford - 5 - LB
Paul James - 6- DL
Caleb Day - 7 - DB
Martize Barr - 7 - WR
Dillan Cazley - 8 - DB
Dionte Taylor - 13 - WR
Eric Finney - 14 - STAR
Aaron Bailey - 15 - QB
Marchie Murdock - 16 - WR
Zane Petty - 21 - DB
Darius Mosely - 24 - DB
Kendrick Foster - 25 - RB
Jaylen Dunlap - 28 - DB
Austin Schmidt - 57 - OL
Christian DiLauro - 65 - OL
Dallas Hinkhouse - 72 - OL
Jesse Chadwell - 76 - OL
Trevor Kanteman - 83 - TE
Tyler White - 87 - TE
Dawuane Smoot - 91 - LB
Abe Cajuste - 92 - DT
Bryce Douglas - 94 - DL
Jarrod Clements - 99 - DL

Now, here's just some quick breakdowns of what I notice.

  • First of all, Aaron Bailey will wear #15 while Paul James is #6 and Caleb Day is #7 and playing defensive back.
  • When James Crawford originally signed he was listed as a defensive back. He's now listed as a linebacker. So it's likely he's going to be playing the STAR position.
  • Similarly Dawuane Smoot was originally listed as a defensive lineman and is now at linebacker, so I'm thinking he's got LEO in his future.
  • Make of this what you will: Merrick Jackson was a defensive lineman in our 2013 class. Try as I might I cannot find Merrick Jackson's name on the updated roster.

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