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Tim Beckman On Aaron Bailey And Wes Lunt

Sounds like it's a problem he's happy to have.


While writing about Aaron Bailey being excited to have Wes Lunt transfer to Illinois on Wednesday I mentioned the possibility of both Lunt and Bailey seeing time at quarterback in Champaign. The reason I felt it was possible was because Bailey seems consistent in saying he does not want to play another position, and also because Tim Beckman's teams at Toledo used two quarterbacks.

Which Beckman remembers, as he brought it up while on the Tay and J Show on ESPN Radio 93.5. Beckman said that he knows Bailey doesn't want to switch positions and that he hasn't thought about moving him to another position.

"Not that we're going play two quarterbacks, but we did do that at Toledo," Beckman said. "We had a guy that was a little bit more of a scrambler and a runner-type guy (Terrance Owens), then we had a guy who could wing it (Austin Dantin). We were able to utilize both of those two. I'm not saying we're going to go two quarterbacks [at Illinois]. If they're capable of winning, we're going to play them."

Now, obviously, as Beckman said twice, he's not saying he's going to use both of them at quarterback in Champaign. Still, the fact that he's bringing it up tells you that they've at least considered it. And they should.

If Bailey and Lunt are two of your best players, and Bailey can help in areas besides playing quarterback, as a coach, you want to find ways to get your best players on the field as often as possible. I mean, Aaron Bailey can still be considered a quarterback and do different things.

Kain Colter is listed as a quarterback. That hasn't stopped him from rushing for 1,691 yards and catching 60 passes for 667 yards the last three seasons.

Having two quarterbacks shouldn't be seen as a problem as much as it should be seen as an opportunity.

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