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Wes Lunt Chooses Louisville Slugger Bat During Softball Game With Friends

A Champaign Room Exclusive.

Christian Petersen

Rochester, IL -- Former Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt chose a Louisville Slugger bat for his first at bat in a slow-pitch softball game amongst friends this week. Lunt, back home during the summer, got together with a group of high school friends for the game.

"It's just something we used to do a lot while growing up," said Lunt. "It's nice to be back home and see all my old friends and play softball with them."

As for his choice of bat, Lunt first went to the pile of bats by home plate and picked up a wooden bat of indiscriminate make, but it appeared orange in color. Lunt picked the orange bat up, swung it, and then put it back down. He then picked up the Louisville Slugger bat and swung that one as well. Lunt would then look down at the orange bat in the dirt for a minute before bending over to pick it up once more.

After holding both bats and standing near the plate, Kevin Johnson, Lunt's childhood friend, and the class clown who decided not to go to college to pursue his dream of managing a local gas station yelled "any day now, asshole."

The comment drew laughter from Lunt and others, and Lunt then dropped the orange bat and walked to the plate with the Louisville Slugger. He would ground out to shortstop.

"I had a hard time deciding which bat to use," said Lunt when asked about his decision after the game. "I grew up using that orange bat, and I've gotten a lot of hits with that bat, but the Louisville Slugger just felt better in my hands. Though it didn't have any hits in it for me today, so maybe I should go back to the orange bat."

Lunt would not have time to bat again as he couldn't decide which bat to use in his next at bat before the sun went down and the game had to be called off in the third inning.

"We're playing again on Saturday afternoon and I'm hoping to have made a decision by then," said Lunt.

"He won't," said Kevin Johnson.

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