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Illinois Basketball Jersey Numbers


Stephen Dunn

It's the middle of June, and oh man we got a long summer to get through before football starts and even longer to wait for basketball. Which means that stupid things that don't actually mean anything become important to us because, holy shit, there's just nothing else to do.

It's the time of year when you find yourself writing about video game ratings as if they're actually important, and then later that same day you write about new jersey numbers for basketball players.

Yep, that's right, the Illinois basketball roster has been updated on the official site, and it includes jersey numbers for all the newcomers.

Joseph Betrand (2), Tracy Abrams (13), Mike LaTulip (10), Nnanna Egwu (32) and Rayvonte Rice (24) will all be in the same numbers as before. What you care about are the new guys, so here we go, in order from largest to smallest.

Jaylon Tate - #1

Ahmad Starks - #3

Aaron Cosby - #11

Malcolm Hill - #21

Maverick Morgan - #22

Kendrick Nunn - #25

Austin Colbert - #31

John Ekey - #33

Darius Paul - #35

Man, some exciting shit right there.

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